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Get a Quality Spa and Hot Tub Cover That Fits Perfectly

Custom spa covers from are constructed to last longer and provide more durability than standard hot tub covers. Using years and years of experience, we manufacture multiple grades and insulation tapers of hot tub covers to fit specific brands, styles and sizes of spas and hot tubs in many different climates. Ordering a custom hot tub cover through means you get a long-lasting, protective cover designed specifically for your hot tub without breaking the bank.

What Makes Our Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers Better Than Others?

To start, the insulation taper on a cover from offers the best combination of strength, stability and heat retention while keeping the cover as light and manageable as possible. No matter the make or model of your spa or hot tub, each one of our custom spa covers comes equipped with a polyethylene laminate layer secured to the foam core, protecting your cover against moisture invasion. We also use 30 ounce marine-grade vinyl - the best on the market - on every single spa and hot tub cover we make. Beyond materials and design, our manufacturing process includes the highest level of care and integrity.

Why Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers Matter

A highly insulated spa cover, one with an above-average R-Value (insulation rating), will save you trap more heat in your spa or hot tub, saving you money on energy costs. A quality cover also will prolong the life of your spa or hot tub parts and equipment since a cover retaining more heat efficiently takes stress of your spa's controller, heater, pump and other parts. With a poorly insulated cover, heat loss is inevitable, and a poorly manufactured cover will become saturated with moisture. Once a spa cover's foam is saturated, its R-Value is reduced while will make your spa or hot tub equipment (especially the heater) work harder than it was designed to, and you will literally be throwing money down the drain.

The terms "hot tubs" and spas are often used interchangeably, but hot tubs and spas are technically different. However, hot tubs covers and spa covers are the same, providing the same insulation and protection. Many companies use different names or labels for them or insert the brand name of a particular spa into the name of the cover - but that doesn't mean their Jacuzzi-labeled cover will fit your Jacuzzi-brand spa. Custom covers from are made to fit the specified dimensions to fit perfectly regardless of the spa's brand.

The Difference and Similarities of Commercial and Custom Spa and Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub Works has been making commercial spa covers and hot tub covers for nearly 15 years. Our custom hot tub covers are also used in many commercial applications. We are the largest producer of custom spa covers today thanks to our use of our CAD systems to create drawings of every spa cover ever made. Our manufacturing process is fully automated allowing us to produce hot tub covers to precise specifications on every aspect and feature. We also design your custom cover on the weight and strength demands of your application, taking into consideration the climate conditions and the number of personnel available when the cover is taken off or put on.

Since Hot Tub works was created, we have made spa covers and hot tub covers for thousands and thousands of clients and for every type of application. Waterfalls, spill overs, negative edge pool/spa combinations, and rock formations are no problem for us to create. From the U.S. President's retreat Camp David to the largest water parks in the nation, we have been trusted top manufacture spa and hot tub covers of nearly any shape and size possible. Our design team and custom spa cover experts can work with you to provide a detailed drawing designed exactly for your application upon request.

Going Green Making Our Hot Tub Covers

Recently we reached a total production of over 300,000 hot tub covers, and our growth has been a challenge, and it has been rewarding. Beyond creating more jobs and providing more shipping contracts for all of our domestic partners, one of the aspects we are most proud of is investing in advanced technology that has created a safer work place even as manufacturing increases. We use technology eliminate excess waste and lower our energy consumption while producing the most, highest quality hot tub covers available.