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Regular Price $319.99 $354.99 $379.99 $414.99 $454.99 $549.99
SALE PRICE $269.99 $304.99 $329.99 $364.99 $404.99 $449.99
Application Suitable for Indoor Spa Great for Moderate Climates Ideal for Mild Seasonal Climates Maximum Energy Efficiency in Seasonal Climates Made for Snowy Weather The World's Best Spa Cover
Foam 1.0 lb density 1.5 lb density 2 lb density 1.5 lb density 1.5 lb density 2 lb density
Taper 4" - 2" thick 4" - 2" thick 4" - 2" thick 5" - 3" thick 6" - 4" thick 6" - 4" thick
R Value 12 13 14.5 20 24 30+
30 Oz. Marine Grade Vinyl Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Safety Straps With Keys/Screws Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Heat Seal Optional Optional Optional Yes Yes Yes
Double Wrapped Core Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Yes
Heavy Duty Windstraps Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Yes
Sturdy Four Layer Hinge Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Strength Recessed Handles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
20 Guage Steel Reinforced Center C Channel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ASTM Safety Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non Prorated Warranty (Years) One Three Five Five Five Five

A few of the reasons that set us apart from other companies…

Customer Service:

Hot Tub Works - Open 7 days a week! Available via phone, email or live chat to help in any way we can. Our spa over experts are always ready to answer your questions

Others - Email all questions and they will return your email within a few days. Phone service limited. No instant live chat.


Hot Tub Works - We use tapered closed cell virgin foam core insulation in a variety of densities and thicknesses to meet YOUR needs. One layer of 6 mil heat and vacuumed sealed vapor barrier included at no additional cost! 20 gauge steel reinforced center channel on both sides of foam parallel to the hinge to provide support and durability.

Others - Minimal foam densities and tapers. Limited customization with usually only 3 foam types/tapers to choose from. Inferior foam cores that break down easily causing moisture absorption. One 4mil vapor barrier seal at an additional cost. No center c channel


Hot Tub Works – We only use a high-end 30 oz. marine grade vinyl treated with mildew and UV inhibitors to ensure your spa cover always looks new and vibrant! We cold old crack tested this vinyl down to -20* F. Continuous heat seal included FREE in upgraded options, as well as optional for first tier models at an economical price. We always include four safety straps and two recessed handles. Our spa covers also feature commercial grade zippers along with double, triple and quadruple stitching with #93 UV resistant Dacron polyester thread at 37 different stress points.

Others - Thinner vinyl used with either no mention of quality- If mentioned, normally 26 or 28 ounce. Not cold crack tested. Heat seal options always at an additional price. No mention of what grade zipper, thread, or reinforcements.