Why It Makes Sense to Buy More Than One Filter

Ok, we admit it. We have a stake in this but here's why it really makes good sense for you to buy more than one filter (or set of filters if your spa uses multiple filters).

  1. Do the right thing.
    Most spa manufacturers recommend that filters be changed about once per year or more. They say this because they don't want to pay for expensive warranty repairs caused by dirty, clogged filters. Simply put, if you have an extra filter around, you are more likely to change it before it's too late to avoid an unnecessary, expensive repair (it's a rule: spa repairs only happen when the spa is out of warranty).

  2. Don't get locked up.
    Normally when you inspect and clean your filter, you must turn off your spa to prevent it from cycling while the filter is out of its "cage" (some spas will literally "lock up" if you get air or debris in the lines while running the spa without the filter). If you have an extra filter on hand, you can make a quick switch and your spa never has to know.

  3. Get the jump on future price increases
    Filters use some petroleum-based products in their manufacture and we all know what that means: likely price increases. HotTubWorks.com is the low price leader in spa filters and we believe our prices will have to go up in the future due to increased costs. So if you buy extra filters now, you'll likely save some future bucks.

See that? Maybe we're not the heartless, self-centered, greedy business types you thought we were. We really do want to save you money.

Yeah, sure.

Ok, let's just call it a win/win.