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Spa Filter Cartridges - Hot Tubs Filter Cartridges

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Hot Tub Filter
Hint: You can sometimes find replacement numbers stamped on your filter end cap.

Find-My-Spa-Filter Method ONE:

If you already know a replacement number for your spa filter cartridge, please:

1. Enter the replacement hot tub filter number here

2. Click Find-My-Filter


Dirty hot tub filter

Hot Tub Works recommends that you change your spa filter at least one time a year! A fresh hot tub filter helps protect your health AND your pocketbook. Who wants to buy replacement spa parts when that money could be saved (or, better yet, spent on fun hot tub accessories?). Dirty hot tub filters can even void your warranty. So, it pays to check your spa filter once or twice monthly.

If your spa filter is more than two years old, you should toss it no matter how it may look. This is because your hot tub filter is made of a fibrous material that gradually loosens over time creating ever-larger spaces for particles to push through and gunk up your pump. It pays to be ruthless on this one. Hot tub pumps are way more expensive than spa filters. Consider it a law: two years and it's hasta la vista, baby!

Spa Filter
This method will most likely lead to multiple results from which you can compare filters.

Find-My-Spa-Filter Method TWO:
The "Where's Waldo?" Method

If you are somewhat familiar with your hot tub filter, you can take a shot at identifying it within a small crowd of spa filters within your spa brand family (examples: Sundance spa filters, Hot Spring Spa Filters, Jacuzzi Spa Filters, etc.) Simply:

1. Choose your spa manufacturer

2. Click Find-My-Filter

Hot Tub Filter
Please measure carefully but be aware that filter sizing can vary slightly. Click here for tips on how to measure your spa filter.

Find-My-Spa-Filter Method THREE:
The Sure Thing

The surest way to identify your spa filter is to remove, inspect and measure your existing filter.

  • Read general information on removing and inspecting your hot tub filter.

  • PRINT THE FIND-MY-SPA-FILTER FORM (PDF) featuring tips on how to measure your spa filter. Then, take the form with you to your spa (so you don't get that wet, slimy spa filter anywhere near your computer)!

1. Select the name of your spa manufacturer from one of the drop down menus below.


2. Find the image below that best matches each end cap of your spa filter.

Keep in mind:
A. Some end caps look similar. Choose carefully.
B. Inner hole diameter sizes on actual filters vary widely from the photographs below.

1. Open
Hot Tub filter end caps
2. Closed
Spa filter end caps
3. Closed End with
String Handle
Hot Tub filter end caps
4. Castle
Spa filter end caps
5. Step
Hot Tub filter end caps
6. Handle End
Spa filter end caps
7. End Cap w/Slots
Hot Tub filter end caps
8. Male Slip Fitting
Spa filter end caps
9. Male Threaded Fitting
Hot Tub filter end caps
10. SAE
Spa filter end caps

4. If you know it, enter your spa filter's overall diameter.
Keep in mind:
Diameter measurements can vary slightly. If you enter a diameter, and get unsatisfactory search results the first time, change the diameter measurement up or down slightly between filters.

Overall Diameter:

5. Click Find-My-Filter
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